Talking Bloggocks 2

Can we broaden the definition of bloggocks to include any sort of nonsense and stupidity found on blogs?

After all, I have never the time nor the inclination to disect the wackier opinions of right-wing bloggers and it is far more fun to simply highlight them. So here is today’s catch (all emphasis is mine):

“The aesthetic case against organized labor is, I think, irrefutable.” Andrew Sullivan.

Samizdata’s Andy Duncan on the EU directive on consulting workforces about job losses:

“Et voila, we have arrived at the perfect social democracy we have been trying to achieve for all these years. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, please, a round of applause, the new Soviet Union!”

“It’s interesting. You may have noticed that although people are upset about acts of terrorism this weekend in Russia and Iraq and Pakistan, there were no attacks in the United States.” Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds on how the situation in Iraq is helping the not-so ‘global’ war on terror.

Instapundit again, this time on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s possible candidature for Governor of California: “Although many people consider Schwarzenegger’s stardom his chief asset, it may well be that the discipline, and ability to psych out an opponent, that he cultivated as a bodybuilding competitor may be at least as important.”

“As I have read through the entire Harry Potter series, I find that contrary to some opinions that Rowling’s series is a thinly-veiled swipe at Thatcherism, the series is instead filled with a number of libertarian themes” Brian W. Doss of