Talking Bloggocks

The blogosphere has created quite a vocabulary of its own, with the verb to fisk being one of the best known additions to the language.

So here is my own contribution to this expanding dictionary – bloggocks def: the uttering of pretentious, self-deluding, self-promoting, hype and exaggeration about the power and influence of online journals, eg: “he’s talking bloggocks again”.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for prime examples of bloggocks and to start with I don’t think we can do much better than this from Roger L. Simon’s weblog:

Whether we accept it or not, weblogs and related online essays and news sources have already taken over the shaping of opinion in our society, even bypassing television to a great extent. Nearly every journalist and writer confirms, checks and researches his or her work on the Internet constantly. Opinions move at warp speed. There is simply no time for ideology anymore (except in classrooms). It’s so Second Millennium.

That’s going to take some beating!