A superb piece from Mick Hume in Spiked – which really is the best examination of what the WMD affair tells us about the state of the country.

Large numbers of people now tell pollsters that they do not believe the government’s claims over WMD and, moreover, that they no longer believe what the government says about anything else. Is this a good thing for those who would like to see serious political change? Well, yes and no – and right now, probably more no than yes…….

This is not healthy critical questioning of those in authority, in pursuit of political change. It is based instead on cynicism and something akin to paranoia, reflecting a sense that we are powerless victims at the mercy of dark forces. The feeling is not just anti-politician, but anti-politics. It is not only that people don’t believe the government, they don’t believe in anything much at all.

Well worth a read.