The anti-war movement are proving quite effective in their attempts to sully the achievements of the coaltion in Iraq and turn the fire on Tony Blair and his government. Apparently Blair has misled the world about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction – but has he? Interestingly even the anti-war movement accepted that Iraq had such weapons before the war and argued that it would be better to let the UN continue inspecting them – now they are pretending Saddam had nothing.

The anti-war movement have proved themselves time and time again to be hypocritical handwringers who have shown a cynical disregard for the real issues in Iraq. The best response to their sickening squealing over this issue has come from journalist Con Coughlin who has been on the ground in Iraq and pointed out in the Sunday Telegraph that the mass destruction that is being discovered in the grisly mass graves appears not to worry the flexible consciences of the anti-war brigade.

If this were Kosovo, the Government would be under fire for not having acted sooner to prevent the genocide. But this is Iraq, and the anti-war lobby appears to be far more interested in picking holes in the Government’s justification for declaring war rather than conducting a sober assessment of the appalling acts of inhumanity that were conducted in Saddam’s name over more than 30 years.

Forget the mass graves, what about the weapons of mass destruction? Having just returned from three weeks in post-liberation Iraq, I find it almost perverse that anyone should question the wisdom of removing Saddam from power.

So do I. But this is politics after all, pure and cynical Westminster politics.

It is Charles Kennedy and the old left united again hoping to score a few points off Tony Blair with the Tory press cheering them on. This has nothing to do with the rights and wrongs of liberating Iraq, it is about ‘spin’ and presentation about trying to catch people out. So much for perspective.

At a time when there are plenty of issues that need highlighting and dealing with urgently in Iraq this is the self-centred London media and their political pals at their very worst. It is truly sickening.