Check out this article published in Arab News by former leading Trotskyist Tariq Ali. It’s his take on the Iraq war for a Saudi-based audience. There’s so much spittle on his lips I would recommend a closer look. In case the link is down I’ll reproduce one of the choicer snippets.

“The existance of an independent Arab regime in Baghdad had always been an irritation to the Israeli military. With the installation of Republican zealots close to Likud in key positions in Washington, the elimination of a traditional adversary became an attractive immediate goal for Israel.”

According to him Iraq was too “independent” to be allowed to exist by the Israeli army and their armed poodles, the USA . Hmmm…methinks independent has a different meaning in Tariq’s dictionary.

I often wonder why people like Tariq Ali continue to churn out this sort of overblown sixth-form rhetoric long after their university years are over. Perhaps there are good Petrodollars in it…