We are faced here with a political, moral, and intellectual collapse of the old left, and with the cumulative result that the “left” no longer knows quite what its own identity is. How and why has this happened?

Isn’t it that much of the left, or more accurately the pseudo-left, no longer defines itself positively, in terms of what it is for? No longer measures political organisations, classes and regimes by how they relate to what we ourselves fight for?

Instead, the “left” defines itself negatively, by what it is against. It is against capitalism. Against imperialism. Against America. It is on the side of whomever at any given moment is against them — on the side, even, of those who are worse. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was certainly worse.

Of course socialists could not have had any confidence in, or given support to, the US and Britain. But still less could we give anything like support to the quasi-fascist regime in Baghdad.

Again and again the post-USSR left — the pseudo-left, the fake left – lets itself be pushed by its antagonism to the dominant powers into supporting worse. If going for “the best” can sometimes be the enemy of going for the merely better, here opposition to the bad, to the enemy at home, to the immediate enemy, becomes, again and again, support for the worse overseas!

It happened in the Afghan war of 2001, when in antagonism to the Americans Socialist Worker let itself half-apologise for the Afghan Taliban regime’s treatment of women (6 October 2001).

Most terribly, it happened in 1999 with the Balkans war. Opposition to “imperialism” — to one imperialism — led the fake left to line up with the primitive Serbian imperialism at the point where it was trying to sweep Kosova clean of its Albanian population (90% of Kosovars).

Never mind the unproven charge that George Galloway took money from Saddam Hussein. Socialists, or even half-decent liberals, who do not feel embarrassed by the things George Galloway admits to, who do not feel shame at having had Tariq Aziz’s Christmas house guest on their anti-war platforms — those socialists have lost the plot. To call them socialists without some qualifying adjective like “fake” is now an abuse of language..

Regular readers may have gathered by now that I am not (and never have been) a big fan of the Trotskyite groups on the fringes of the British left. But sometimes you have to give credit where it is due. This powerful denunciation of the Defend George Galloway campaign and the majority of the Stop the War brigade comes from the publication Workers Liberty. It is worth reading it all. It is proof that not all of the marxist left has lost the plot.