Not convinced that there are quality opinions convincingly argued on British blogs? Then you simply have to read British Spin’s superb demolition of the anti-BBC brigade.

Some sample quotes:

Is our case so weak that we must become hysterical against any airtime given to our critics, however ludicrous and wild-eyed they seem. (Personally, I would bet money that every appearance of Saddam’s henchmen on our television’s reinforces the public view that this is a dangerous despotic regime).

Especially when they are waving AK-47s at the viewer and calling our elected leaders “stupid”.

But sadly I suspect that the likes of Andrew Sullivan and Instapundit will not rise to the challenge of a debate over this issue – thus adding more weight to Spin’s argument that:

“What disturbs me about the “no-to –objectivity “ movement that flows through Ms Amiel’s piece and through many blogs is how it seems to be a cry to be spoonfed with opinions that agree with the readers prejudice. “

Perhaps the NTO crew should read that George Orwell quote in the corner of this blog.

Update: Sullivan is now claiming the BBC are “objectively pro-Saddam” – and the bloke objected to me calling him ‘hard right’?