The best of the British Bloggers is back online and well worth a daily read. And as a centre-left, right-wing libertarian Lancastrian activist blogger I certainly feel less lonely now that there is another Labour Party member back on the scene.

British Spin’s mission statement is that “Politicians always complain that the media don’t focus on issues but on trivia. This site is for the political junkie who finds the issues a distraction from the serious business of power.”

He has some good stuff today on how Donald Rumsfeld has made pro-action Labour Party members jobs in convincing doubters near impossible and also asks when the British blog scene will produce a blogger with, what he calls, dead tree equivilency?

British Spin’s comeback started last week when he answered my challenge for Spin Doctors to produce a decent dossier on the Stop the War Coalition – in true New Labour fashion he plagarised most of it but it certainly fits the bill. Welcome back!