Apologies for the unannounced absence from blogging over the past few days – workload has been heavy and also the rather bizarre turn in international relations has left my head spinning somewhat – my only escape has been to eat lots and lots of Camembert cheese while watching the hilarious Fox News on the satellite – call it cultural fusion.

As you will see I have also finished the project of redesigning this blog and adding some new features which will continued to be developed. The design is an adapted version of a template I borrowed from Blog Skins (a web resource site not a political movement!) and I think it is an improvement on the rather uniform standard template I originally took from Blogger.

I have updated the links to blogs and news sources and also introduced two new elements. There is now a news feed on the right column which supposedly updates every 15 minutes with global headlines – lets see. I have also made a lame attempt to try and cover some of the blogging costs to the old phone bill by introducing Harry’s Bookshop which will have rotating content related to the material here. Harry’s Place gets a cut on any books that you buy of course.

Anyway let me know what you think of the changes and after I’ve finished this fine cheese and turned off the Monkey’s CD then I’ll get round to some posting. Oh yes, in case you were wondering Sectarian Worker will not be on sale at Saturday’s anti-war demo but the march is expected to generate some tales for the tabloid the sects love to hate.