The website Bloggy Opinions has produced a review of this blog and gives me a right slamming:

The over-used brown and white Blogger template is once again degrading this already bland blog. The post are all centered around current events in the newspaper. I find it exceptionally un-worthwhile because I can get the same info from my T.V. by watching CNN or NBC. His views on Americans are very harsh (he’s a Brit- maybe I should give him a break) and he never gives the reader enough information to understand the whole story (which I heard on the CNN 6 o’clock news). If you want readers interested in what you are saying, make sure to add personal stories and other amusing things to spruce up your post.

This was an unusually harsh review by me, but I believe every word I say is true. Personal Stories + Better layout = Better blog.

They are probably right about most of this although I don’t think there has been anything ‘harsh’ about my views on Americans and if you have seen the alternative blog templates then you will understood why so many of us use this one.