I’ve put up a few more links over on the right-hand side and on request from a couple of people, including ‘Hawkgirl’ I have now included a comments box under each post – feel free to make us of it and plug your blog if you want – I have been doing so shamelessly. Longer contributions can of course still be Emailed
Couple of interesting political links added –
Open Democracy is a UK site giving space to essays and thoughtful pieces that might not find a home elsewhere. Well worth a browse, there is plenty of material including an excellent section on Iraqi voices – the opinions cover a broad spectrum internationally.

Imprints “aims to promote a critical discussion of socialist ideas, freed from theoretical dogma but committed to the viability of an egalitarian and democratic politics”. Which sounds about right. The promise of the back issues gradually appearing online is something to look forward to.

One of the Associate Editors of Imprints, Christopher Bertram, has a weblog Junius which is one of the small number of thoughtful left blogs to appear on this radar so far. There is a good range of issues and perspectives to be found.

I notice a lot of visitors have paid trips to Conservative Commentary so here is another entertaining right-wing blog: Peter Briffa’s lively Public Interest.

Also worth adding to your regular reading Iain Murray’s strangely-titled but always topical Anglo-American blog The Edge of England’s Sword.