Dannii Minogue, sister of Aussie ‘pixie-like pop temptress’ Kylie, may take legal action against the far-right British National Party after they claimed she backed their policies on immigration and crime.

Minogue gave an interview to GQ where she aired her views on crime and immigration but now she says: “I’ve obviously been misquoted … This is something very serious and something that I obviously have to be speaking to my lawyers about.”

Spotting the article on the BNP website, which praised Dannii but also predicted her views would result in her career plummeting, the Anti Nazi League rushed in claiming Minogue had been “outed as a racist bigot”.

Recently there has been a call from some on the right, such as Peter Hitchens and the weblog Conservative Commentary for the debate over immigration to be re-opened.

Perhaps it should. Certainly debate is always preferable to fear of discussing these issues but if the Dannii episode tells us anything it is that there are still plenty of people who are not yet ready for a calm and sensible discourse over immigration and integration issues.